Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yung Berg give it up AlReady...

Christian Ward aka "Yung Berg"...

This is a feature on "Yung Berg", and why I think it would be most beneficial for him to give up the rap game up and move on to something else in his life. In a 3 year time period the 23 year-old has managed to go from promising young artist, full of potential, to someone who ABSOLUTELY gets no respect from his peers.

For those who dont know who "Yung Berg" is, let me explain. He hails from the streets of Chicago. He is a lightskinned individual who once had everything you could ask for. He had fame, he had hot records spinning, he was iced out, and his was relevant to the public for making great music that we all loved to enjoy.

Howeve somewhere along the lines of all that, he started making terrible decisions, that ruined his image in the public and those around him possibly for life. In the society that we live in, where image is almost everything, and how people percieve you is very important, Yung Berg is certainly lacking in respect from almost everyone.

I don't know if it's his cocky attitude he has? If he thinks he's untouchable by those around him or what?

Let me be the first to state though, the young man definitely has talent. He has quite a bit of success in the mainstream with hits such as...

However, due to recent comments made by the rapper, and just overall bad luck, I feel it would best to either give up rap entirely, or step away from the game for a few years, and reassess just what he wants out of life, while being associated with the industry.

The 1st of Yung Berg's debacles started on Dec. 21st, 2007, when he was arrested for marijuanna possesion on the set of the "Sexy Can I" shoot in Miami, Florida.

The 2nd came in March and April of 2008, when he was interviewed by "DJ Envy", and made controversial comments regarding "Bow'Wow". He said that he repected "Lil Bow Wow", but he couldn't respect the new Bow Wow. He also stated that "50 Cent" advised him to "demolish Bow Wow" and for Yung Berg to stop at nothing to finish Bow Wow. He even went as far as stating "I don't have any problems with Bow Wow, if he does a song with me. If he doesn't though I'm going finish him".

In a freestyle later that month in April, 2008, Yung Berg told shots at 106 and Park host "Terrence J".

In May of 2008, on an internet video he was addressing the rumors on why his album had been pushed back, and he stated jokingly "It's been pushed back furthur than Flo-Rida's hairline. Flo-Rida is a FL rapper. This only started major controversy with "Brisco", a FL rapper who has ties with Flo-Rida, who sated he would beat Yung Berg up on siht because of comments.

When I stated above that Yung Berg also had bad luck, well here it is. In July of 2008, he made a derogatory comment about dark-skinned women. He said he didn't like "dark-butts" which was the terminology he used. He stated that he wasn't attracted to girls who were darker than he was. As you would imagine, this upset a lot of people, and it was very detrimental to his image. I call this bad luck because I honestly don't think he meant to offend all those people. He was only speaking his mind about his personal preferences. To save his image he created an apology video, apologizing to everyone he had hurt with comments even saying "my mother is a lovely dark skinned lady". However, to the fans, many people saw this as a cheap attempt to take back what he had said, but many felt that the damage was already done.

In August of 2008 him and 4 of his friends were arrested in New York City, on possesion of weapons, and marijuanna. The case was dropped however.

On August 22nd, 2008, arguably his biggest blunder happened in a nighclub in Detroit. Yung Berg had been running his mouth stating that local Hip-Hop act "Trick-Trick" was "wack" (not talented) and the entire Detroit Hip-Hop scene was dead. While in a night club in Detroit some of "Trick-Trick"'s "goons" (followers) ran down on Yung Berg. They assaulted him, and then snatched his very infamous "Transformers" chain that he was notorious for wearing.

On Oct. 3rd, 2008 Brooklyn emcee "Maino" slapped Yung Berg in a nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia. "Maino" stated that Yung Berg approached him very disrespectfully about a situation. So Maino smacked him because he felt cornered. He also stated if Yung Berg would've approached differently than they could've settled the situation better.

Also in Oct. of 2008, Yung Berg was dissed by R&B singer Ne-Yo (which lets you know right there he gets no repsect from anyone, when R&B dudes are disrespecting him). Neyo said he wanted to 3-finger slap Yung Berg.

Even ex-girlfriend Drew Sidora went as far as to dissing him in her new single titled...

January 2009 Yung Berg was arrested again in Miami for public intoxication, and when he was being handcuffed by the poloce officer he stated that he didn't deserve to get arrested because he’s signed to Universal and is an artist. #cmonson that's pitiful...

Recently Yung Berg was the victim of a home invasion in which he was reportedly pistol-whipped and robbed of jewelry that he owned.
Overall, I feel that you have to stay humble at whatever it is your doing in this life. Because once all respect is lost you have nothing. To me it just seems as if no one respects Yung Berg.

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  1. I agree with you that getting too cocky is a bad step. I did think, however, that Young Berg's drop on Sexy Can I was tight, specially that wetwet stuff. I also like that you got a lot of pics in your posts and you're subjects are about stuff I don't know about. I like the music but don't keep up with the game so its sweet to learn something about it.