Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Salute to Stack Bundles and Max B

I felt that it was only right that I pay respect to 2 of NYC's hottest emcee's of the last 4 years.

Rayquan Maurice Eliott a.k.a "Stack Bundles", and Charlie Wingate a.k.a "Max B"

Starting around the time of 2006, when the famed group "Dipset" seemed to be inevitably on their demise, or lost their luster their had gained over the years from 2001 to 2006, Stack Bundles and Max B revived DipSet's image and made its movements, and music relevent again.

Stack Bundles hailing from the virtual unknown streets of Far Rockaway, New York (Queens), suddenly was an outlet for the people of what he liked to call "Far Rock". Stack Bundles was almost a saint to his people at such a young age, everyone looked up to him for what he represented from a music standpoint and how he never forgot where he came from. He was to "Far Rock" what "Biggie" was to Brooklyn, What "Big Pun" was to the Bronx what "2 Pac" was to the Westcoast. I write in this manner because someone like I, Myself as a young man who looked up to Stack Bundles, and he died when I was 18 years old, so I was old enough to honestly understand everything that he represented. The only other death I will probably mourn more will be the day I have to say goodbye to my parents, my Grandmother, or Jay-z.

With his raw, clear cut delivery, and confidence in the booth he was absolutely "Fuego" at the time. No one was hotter. He had the streets of New York City buzzing and for good reason. With his memorable catch phrases like the "Gorgeous Gangsta", "Handsome Hustla" "I don't look like him, or know him, I am that Ni***" "Never mind who done it, I'm Mr. Still Doin' it" "Mr. See more Cake himself", he showed why everyone in the NYC area was a fan of Stack Bundles.

He first started garnering fame doing production with his self-made group called "Rockaway Riot Squad", later to be formerly known as "Riot Squad". He also was a staple of "DJ Clue"'s "Dessert Storm" series. With his steady grind he started gaining attention from other emcee's in the NYC area, most noticably "Jim Jones" of the Harlem based group the Diplomats. Stack Bundles and Jim Jones really hit the rap scene hard, and the chemistry was remarkable, producing numerous mixtapes, and feeding the streets what they wanted to hear. Jim Jones even went so far as to putting Stack Bundles on his third studio album titled "Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product of My Environment)" With the track called,


"which featured the likes of "Lil' Wayne".
Although Stack Bundles never reached true mainstream status, he was certainly the hottest emcee in NYC at the time, before his untimely dimise on June 11th 2007.

He had signed a 7 figure deal with ByrdGang Records through Jim Jones. Byrdgang is an affiliate under Diplomat Records, who was headed by DefJam.

Everything that Stack Bundles represented was so true down to the core. I am not from Far Rockaway, Queens, New York, I am a young man from upstate, Beacon, N.Y. about a 2 hours north of "Far Rock" but I can respect any man who puts on for their city, even when they know their individual city, or "Hood" has never had anything to be proud of, in terms of fame. He was "Far Rock"'s posterchild or outlet for the youth. As he qouted in one of his raps "I gave the youth something they could look up to/The new coupe with the roof they look up through". Stack Bundles was gunned down on a muggy June night in front of his building in the "Red Fern" housing development in "Far Rock". He wasn't even robbed of his jewelery or his money. He was killed because of pure jealousy and envy. The best lesson that can be learned from his untimely dimise is that once you "get on" and you sign that 7 figure deal, it's time to move on because like Biggie wrote in the classic song "10 Crack Commandments", "The Cheddar breed Jealousy". Stack Bundles made his million but he was still living amongst people who had nothing, compared to himself. Honestly it's a SHAME we have to look it at the situation like this.


The Good Die Young RIP Stack Bundles...Gone but never forgotten.


"Max B" along with "Stack Bundles" was another hip-hop artist who rose up out of nowhere to bring NY rap where it belonged, back on top. Hailing from the prominent streets of Harlem, USA, Max B came with a sound that was never heard before in rap music. Combining a mixture of Jamaican, and Puerto Rican flavor, along with the gritty punchlines, and catchy phrases Max B couldn't lose. "Max B", said his name is a mixture of "Notorious Biggie Smalls","Jay-Z", name and Tupac Shakur's other identity "Makaveli" to form the name "Max Biggavell" a.k.a "Wavy Crockett".

Max B's story was a little different from Stack Bundles. After serving 8 years in prison on robbery charges from 1997 - 2005, "Max B" came out and had NYC buzzing again. "Jim Jones" certainly knows talent when he sees it, as he signed Max B to "ByrdGang Records" immediately upon release, and began recording. Jim Jones had Max B on heavy rotation on his third studio album titled "Hustler's P.O.M.E (Product Of My Enviornment)" featuring him on the lead single titled

"Baby Girl"

Max B was even instrumental in helping with the writing of then smash hit

"We Fly High"

You remember that song right? "We Fly High, No Lie, You Know This, BALLLIINNNN". I've long said that that track single handedly brought hip-hop back to NY, and "Biggavell" was instrumental in that process. However, everything that Jim Jones and Max B did was great for the NYC hip-hop movement, but it didn't last, as the 2 had one of the biggest fall-outs to date in hip-hop. Disputes over financial situations, and whether Max B was being pushed enough towards the mainstream by "ByrdGang", and that seemingly was the driving force for the break-up. Even though Max B split aprt from Jim Jones, he was still extemely relevant in the NYC area. He became an internet celebrity almost over night. His website was extremely popular over the last 2 years. He took the eastcoast over with his catchy phrases such as "Wavy" which is a statement meaning being cool, or feeling yourself to the max, and the phrase "OwWwWwW" which could mean anything you wanted it too if used in the right context. Also "Ride The Wave" , which means just go with the flow don't think about anything. He also released a bevy of mixtapes, and was the light that Harlem World had been missing in recent years, when nothing seemed to be going as strong.

As popular and talented as he was, his life was taken from him because of bad decision making on his part. Not in the sense of how you think either, not the same way Stack Bundles life was taken away from him. On September 3rd, 2009, Charlie Wingate a.k.a "Max B" was sentenced to 75 years in prison for charges of felony murder, kidnapping and armed robbery. Although "Max B" is still physically breathing as I write this, he is as good as dead behind bars for the next 75 years unless he can successfully appeal his decision in a timely manner, while he is still relevant in the fans minds.

On that note I leave this to say...

RIP Stack Bundles...The Good Die Young

RIP to "Max B"'s music


  1. This was a great tribute. It was very well-written and thorough!

  2. I agree with Casey. I didn't know about any of these rappers, and since I love Lil Wayne, I'll actually look into some of them. Thanks!