Tuesday, April 13, 2010

J Cole

J Cole???

Who is that???

The average music fan probably wouldn't know who he is. He is headlined as the first artist signed to Jay-'s newly formed "Roc-Nation" label. He first earned himself a little bit of recognition nationally when he was featured on the famed "Blueprint 3" album by hip-hop living legend "Jay-Z", on he track titled "A Star is Born".

He also became even more recognizable nationally when he was featured on the single "Beautiful Bliss" off the "Wale" "Attention Deficit" album.

His witty flow, and raw lyrics that bring a breath of fresh air into the young hip-hop community, is exactly what hip-hop has been missing. Many people have said that he draws comparisons to artist's like Drake. Now, let me set the record straight now and say that I'm not one for comparing anybody to other people, but when an emcee is compared to a superstar such as Drake, respect must be paid. Personally, I feel they are neck to neck in the battle of who is better lyrically. Drake obviously has the upper hand when you talk about commercial success. However, with street bangers such as

"J Cole" is destined to blossom.

All the songs listed above were created from original beats that he produced himself, showing that he's more than just a rapper, and can produce if he wanted to. His freestyles over already esatblished beats such as

""I'm the Man" off the Nas "Stillmatic" album,

""I Really Mean It" off the Diplomats compilation album "Diplomatic Immunity"

""Dead Presidents II" off the classic album by Jay-Z titled "Reasonable Doubt", was great showcasing his ability to flow over any beat. /strong>

He constantly is shouting out his hometown of Fayetville, North Carolina, with nicknames for his city such as "Fayetnam", or the more simply put "The Ville". He never forgets where he came from and where he honed a lot of skills, which were from the New York City area. He has two highly successful underground mixtapes titled "The Come Up" and the "The Warm Up". If there's nothing else that you remember from this entry, just remember that "J Cole" is the next artist to BLOW.

The last time I felt so strongly about an artist like this was about the late great "Stack Bundles", and anyone who knows anything about me, knows that I Love everything "Stack Bundles" ever did. "J Cole" has the potential to be the next "Stack Bundles", he's that talented.