Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Fabolous" killing the competition

"Fabolous" is at it again...
This time with a new mixtape for the Streets titled...
There Is No Competition 2 -
The Funeral Service...
by DJ Drama

Fabolous a.k.a. "Loso" brought an album feel to the mixtape game. With every track seemingly geared towards killing the competion in the Hip-Hop world, "Loso" reassures his fans, and everyone else who listens that rappers are not on his level lyrically. Loso does his best to annihilate all who come to mind. The Album, I mean mixtape, featured contributions from "Kobe", "Paul Cain", "LA the Darkman", "Freck Billionaire", "Camron", "Vado", "Nicki Minaj", "Red Cafe", and "Willie the Kid". I find this very interesting because Fabolous is certainly already an established artist who certainly has had big success mainstream. The fact that he still is taking the time out to do mixtapes of high quality, and putting on artists such as "Kobe", "Paul Cain" and "Freck Billionaire" shows his love for hip-hop, overall grind, and his loyalty to the emcee's he's known for a long time, who haven't had nearly the commercial success that he has. Great album I mean mixtape, to listen to with a great theme that "Fabolous" sticks to throught all 20 tracks. Even the skits are interesting, and with "DJ Drama"'s noticeable energetic voice this all true Hip-Hop fans can appreciate this.

Here is a link where you can listen to the entire Album, I mean mixtape for free via Datpiff.com...

Here's who contributed lyrically to the album I mean Mixtape...

Freck Billionaire -

Paul Cain -

Kobe (Singer) -

Willie the Kid -

Vado -

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